A & E Services History

Was developed and spearheaded by the owner and operator Adrien Muller and Ervena Muller in 2001. We have been in business for over 17 years. We thrive on servicing our customers and ensuring that they are treated with excellent customer service and we go above and beyond to provide quality service. Due to other companies offering tax preparation services for a larger fee, here at A&E Services we pride ourselves as a small business to make our customer service more personable, to provide more affordable rates and to educate customers on the Internal Revenue policies and regulations regarding filing income taxes for a business and or an individual. Offer tax preparation services for all 50 states Online tax preparation services The services that are provided are Tax preparation- prepare individual or small business tax returns to ensure that the process is complete. Identify the potential tax credits and liabilities. Ensure that legislation and policies are adhered to.